Mechanical Services

All RV & marine works


  • Log book servicing
  • Brake Controllers
  • Reversing camera’s
  • UHFs
  • Dual batteries
  • Custom Battery boxes
  • DC-DC chargers
  • 12 / 7 pin trailer plugs
  • Anderson plugs
  • Caravan to tow vehicle connections
  • GCM (Gross Combination Mass) checks
  • Audio Systems
  • Catch Cans
  • Gearbox Oil coolers
  • Solar installs
  • GPS
  • Firefighting equipment
  • First Aid Kits

Trailers / Caravans

  • Services – Basic, Complete and Warranty.
  • Solar Installs
  • Diesel Heaters
  • Gas detectors
  • Dual batteries
  • Inverters, Chargers, lighting
  • FW pumps
  • FW / GW tank level gauging’s
  • Outdoor showers / wash hoses / taps
  • Indoor power installs
  • Audio Systems
  • External TV ports
  • Dual gas bottle installs
  • Fridge repairs – 12VDC / 24VDC / 240VAC / Gas
  • Fresh water tank hyper-chlorination
  • Shore power lead test tag
  • Firefighting equipment
  • First Aid Kits


  • Radios – UHF / VHF
  • Nav light wiring and installs
  • Diesel Heaters
  • General wiring switch clusters
  • Audio Systems
  • Bilge pumps – auto / manual
  • Echo Sounders / Nav equipment
  • Wash down pumps
  • Firefighting equipment
  • First Aid Kits

Camping Equipment

  • Generator load test

Service Disclaimer

All of our workmanship is backed by a conditional life guarantee.  All equipment installed is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty periods.  If the system was supplied and installed by Muegge Mechanical, warranty and workmanship upon failures is covered for the complete job.

  • If systems are found to have been tampered with / added too after service, all warranties are null and void.
  • Muegge Mechanical Warranties are with the current owner, and are forfeited if the vehicle is sold.
  • Vehicles and trailers which fail to be collected by specified dates, will occur a $50 / day retainer fee, unless prior arrangements made with management.

What is a Caravan / Camper service?

Basic Service

All running gear is inspected and adjusted where needed.  This includes brakes and break away systems, wheel bearings, external lighting, tow hitch and jockey wheel operations, tyres and body inspections.  Battery systems are also checked over during this service.


Warranty Service

This is a full system check over, whilst the Van is still under manufacturer’s warranty.  Have a qualified person check over your vehicle, before the end of your warranty period.  This allows you to have all works completed prior to the end of your warranty.  This service includes anything minor that we can fix on the way through the service.  All works are well documented for your records.


Complete Service

All of the above, including all systems check over, including all domestic appliances throughout the van.  Power consumptions, charging rates, flow rates and system measurements checked for accuracy.  Refrigeration / Air Conditioning leak checks.  Battery system checks and load tests


Additional Services include

  • Vehicle weight checks, including tow vehicles. This will check vehicles GVM, and combination weights between vehicle and trailers GCM / ATM.
  • Fresh Water system Hyperchlorination

Vehicle weight checks

Your tow vehicle and Caravan has specific weights in which its design was engineered to.  With our scale system, we check axle weights of the combination.  All vehicles have a “GVM” (Gross Vehicle Mass) and “GCM” (Gross Combination Mass), and vans follow this suit with “ATM / GTM” Aggregate / Gross Trailer Mass.  Vans are also listed with a “Tow Ball” weight specification.  All of the above effect how the vehicle tows, and is paramount for vehicle safety.  It is written into the PDS of all insurance disclaimers, that if any of these weights are exceeded, Insurance policies are void.  Muegge Mechanical will not just check your weights, but tailor a solution if adjustments are needed, to ensure conformity is met.  This also takes into account any modifications or additions done to any vehicles.  Simply adding Jerry Cans and an extra gas bottle to the trailer A Frame, can dramatically change tow ball weights and ride characteristics.  These all need to be taken into account against the manufacturer’s specifications.


Fresh Water system Hyperchlorination

Recommended every 3-5 years.  Kills all bacteria and algae’s that are present with in the Fresh Water System.  Commercially, this is a requirement every 24 months.  When a water tank sits idle, Bacteria can grow in the system.  This service includes adding chemical to the tank, and then topping off the system.  All fresh water outlets are flushed to ensure chemical is present, and left for some time to let the chemical work.  System is then fully flushed, drained and refilled, to ensure chemical levels are back within a safe level for human consumptions.